Just wanted to know how can a Third party seller list an item from a well known brand by them?

Is it ok for others to sell on the same listing?

If I also want to add a similar branded product like this, can I do so without being the manufacturer?

Notice how the seller name is placed as the brand instead of Ted Baker.

Looks like they have made it unique to them by adding in a Christmas card this is a common strategy for those that create listings


In this case can I also create a listing for a big brand for myself and add a custom Christmas card and start selling?

Yes, it is possible using generic brand or your own, brand-registered brand, but how long it will remain there is another matter. If the big brand that you choose sees the item being sold in a bundle and without permission, they are likely to complain to Amazon. Likelihood is that any FBA stock will be confiscated. If you do chose to break the rules, I recommend FBM.

Note that you will not be able to supply Amazon with any purchase invoices for the bundle so it will probably be deemed fake.


There seem to be millions of bundles like this so what do you think is the likelihood that mine will be taken down?

Sorry, no idea. Only Amazon knows how many sellers they suspend and how much stock they confiscate.

If you are willing to risk your business, then go ahead. I certainly would not.

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When I entered body care gift during the Add Products function in Seller Central, each and every item requires Approval.

So, first you’d have to find a way to get approval for the category, then you will have deal with the risks and consequences of your actions, as expressed by. @AmazonUKForumRefugee.

Good luck…