Just tried to send off a hazmat box through dispatch bay

Haven’t sent one for a couple of weeks. Have there been any changes as they’re refusing to take a box with aerosols in? 

Here’s what AI has to say about it.

Amazon’s DG FBA program allows FBA sellers to send limited quantities of flammable and aerosol products to Amazon fulfillment centers.

Amazon considers hazardous materials to be substances or materials that may pose a risk to health, safety, property, or the environment. Amazon will only keep a limited supply of products in this category.

Here are some tips for shipping aerosols:

  • Verify storage limitations: Sellers can verify their own hazmat product storage limitations on Seller Central.

  • Avoid Amazon partnered carriers: When creating FBA shipments, select “Other” as the carrier.

  • Ship properly: Hairspray and other aerosols that are consumer commodities can be shipped by surface mail as long as they are packaged properly. Liquids must be properly sealed in a waterproof container. Packages containing liquid should have arrows indicating which direction is upright.

Let us know if any of these are causing the problem.

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Thanks a lot for taking the time. I will verify it with Seller Support

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