Is this concerning? Should I be worried?

Dear Seller,

Your sales proceeds will be delayed while we are reviewing your account.

Starting today, the reserve period for all of your orders will be 14 days after the delivery date. For example, if you ship an item on January 1, and the actual delivery date is January 4, then the sales proceeds will be available for disbursement

starting on January 19.

Please continue to ship your orders and only list items that you can ship by the expected ship date.

You can learn more about payment policies

( com/help/hub/reference/ external/G69122?locale=en-US)

Why is this happening?

Your reserve period is determined based on an assessment of your overall risk and historical performance.

If you are registered on Amazon with the correct legal entity and have not broken any policies, then you have nothing to worry about.

If you have been bending the rules, then start worrying.

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This is an Account Velocity Review - a very soft one in your case.

Account reviews are normal when you are experiencing a sudden increase in selling volume.

As long as you are still able to sell, continue processing all orders just like usual. The review will last no more than 90days, unless you appeal or get suspended (as a result of it).

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