Is there a way to view which AdGroups a product appears in?

I have set up lots of AdGroups and in some cases a product will appear in many AdGroups. Is there a report where I can quickly see which AdGroups a particular product appears in?

So that when a product gets low on stock I can stop pushing it via Sponsored ads and let it sell through naturally.

At the moment I’m doing it manually.


I recommend organizing your AdGroups and campaigns in a way that minimizes overlap and makes it easier to manage your advertising efforts. By grouping similar products together and structuring your campaigns strategically, you can have better control over ad visibility and optimize your advertising spend.


Yes, there is a report available that can help you quickly see which AdGroups a particular product appears in. This report will allow you to identify the AdGroups associated with each product, making it easier for you to track and manage their visibility. By using this report, you can efficiently stop promoting products with low stock and allow them to sell naturally without manual intervention.