Is anyone seeing decreased sales from last year to this year?

If so, why do you think that is?

Not at all

Our sales increased up to 37% from last year for same products.

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Yes, due to inflation…

I sell toys. When people stop buying toys for the kids, it’s an indication of just how bad the economy really is.


I’m new but my Amazon sales are already exceeding other channels :grin:

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If your product category has become oversaturated, it may be harder to stand out and maintain previous sales levels.

Monitor your competitors’ pricing and adjust your prices accordingly.

Pay attention to customer reviews and feedback to improve product quality and customer satisfaction.


Yes, ebay is playing games with sellers and that in turn appears to be driving our increase in sales on amazon and our website. At first what they did really put the hurt on us, after a few months of an adjustment period I see a significant increase outside of ebay. For example we have less than 10 active items on amazon and several hundred on ebay and our own website. With such a huge difference in offerings amazon beats out ebay. Shocking is all I can say.

Sales have been steadily decreasing as the pandemic restrictions started easing around the world. Now, they are getting back to pre-pandemic levels. As Q4 is approaching, there should be a surge soon.