Inventory overview page to be integrated into FBA Dashboard

Announcement reposted from Amazon:

Starting June 19, 2023, the Inventory overview page will no longer be available and will be integrated into the FBA dashboard.

The FBA dashboard introduces several benefits. It builds on the existing Inventory Overview experience and provides a unified view of your FBA business; including your Inventory Performance Index, shipments, inventory age and recommendations to help you to optimise your inventory. You can track the total value of your orders, number of units ordered and orders placed during a selected date range. You can also find information on shipment status.

We recommend that you start using the new FBA dashboard now. The FBA dashboard is available on Seller Central under Inventory or on the main FBA Central Navigation.

The dashboard is visible only to account users who have permissions to use it. If you don’t have permissions, the primary account holder for your account can grant them via User permissions. To learn about permissions, go to Add permissions for FBA dashboard and FBA Analytics.

For more information, go to FBA dashboard.