INR and shipping bought from Amazon


Im selling via FBM. Label bought from Amazon. Tracking showed Delivered but customer couldnt find the package so he requested refund.

Since its not my fault, i sent him instruction to claim A-Z claim. When he requested refund, message came up as “order is not eligible for refund” because I don’t accept returns (I guess).

So there is no other option for him to talk to Amazon customer service or chat (i can do this on some of my personal orders even though the vendor didn’t accept return, not sure why he didn’t have that option)

So to avoid negative account health, i issued full refund to him. Do you know why A-Z claim wasn’t available for him ?

Now that they took that refund out of my balance, how can I dispute ? I remember reading somewhere that Amazon will be responsible if the package is lost with Amazon-bought label.

Thank you all

Is it possible they can’t choose the reason “did not receive” because the fbm estimated delivery date hasn’t arrived yet? I’m not sure but I think I ran into that a while back

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even when the tracking shows “delivered” ?

I think so. Our product always get delivered 3-4 days before Amazon estimate and I don’t think Amazon allows a claim before its supposed to get there (based in their wacked algorithm).

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ah that’s new. Good to know. Thank you

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That was in the “good old days.” Amazon will only cover INR claims when you Buy Amazon Shipping if you are doing Seller Fulfilled Prime.

Here’s Funky’s “Pearl of Wisdom.” It works EVERY TIME.

Hi customername,

We’re sorry to hear the package went missing. We will contact USPS first thing in the morning. If it turns out missing we typically follow a procedure by alerting the postal inspector and filing a local police report, but hopefully the carrier left it on his truck and intends on delivering it tomorrow.

Please let us know if you have any objections to sharing your contact information with police and the postal inspectors office in our claim.



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I agree with @FunkyMonkey’s suggestion, it usually works when there is a scam going on however, I would certainly not agree with your initial action.

Unless this works differently in the US, you should NEVER EVER ask the customer to open an A-Z claim! You should protect your Order Defect Rate (ODR) and asking someone to trash it seems wrong.

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This is a very bad idea, regardless of what any policy states. You should not have issued a refund either.

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You are welcome