Increase sales with new metrics available on the Build Your Brand page

Announcement reposted from Amazon United States:

The new Brand Building Metrics on the Build Your Brand page track and measure your brand-building efforts while providing actionable recommendations.

Four key metrics to measure your brand’s performance are now available:

  • Branded Search Ratio
  • Star Rating
  • Brand Conversion Rate
  • Repeat Customer Ratio

You’ll see these metrics in graph form to help you understand and measure your progress on key brand-building objectives, and you can find the related programs and resources on the respective pages:

  • Grow Your Brand Awareness
  • Improve Your Consideration
  • Increase Your Conversion Rate
  • Build Your Brand Loyalty

Along with tracking these metrics, you’ll also find recommendations for actions to improve them.

To view your metrics, go to Build Your Brand

To enroll in Brand benefits and gain access to metrics, go to Brand Benefit Eligibility

For more information, go to the Build Your Brand guide.