Incorrect ‘ineligible’ message

I sell a diary/journal in the Office Products category. This category is eligible for Sponsored Products advertising and I sell the exact same product in the US on Amazon and am able to use Sponsored Products there with no problem.

When I go to set up a sponsored products campaign, it says that my product is ineligible for sponsored products because the category it’s in is ineligible. All of my competitors selling similar products in the same Office Products category are advertising using sponsored products.

I think the problem is that my product has an ISBN number as the ASIN. So I think Amazon sees this as a book, and books are ineligible.

I’ve had endless email conversations with seller support, who either completely misunderstand the issue or refer it to the catalog team and then say the category has been changed and I can now start advertising. But I still can’t. I don’t know what to do. Any advice?

Please note that the requirements on the USA and European marketplaces are different.

Review the “Sponsored Products eligibility requirements” using this link:

There are Account Requirements:

  • Professional seller or vendor
  • Active account in good standing with Amazon
  • The ability to ship to the country you are advertising for
  • Valid payment method
  • You must have product listings that are eligible for the Buy Box in one or more of the available categories (see the table below)

Product Requirements:

  • Adult, used, or refurbished products are not eligible
  • Products that do not comply with retail policies are not eligible
  • Suppressed listings where the listing is either missing important information or contains incorrect information are not eligible
  • Where a product has multiple variations, only the variation (child product) is eligible for advertising

Sponsored Products is available for the following Amazon search categories:

It is possible that Amazon is flagging the product as a book, as this might be the reason why it is deemed ineligible.

Have you tried contacting the Seller Support?

Hi Kika,

Thanks for your reply. I definitely meet all of the requirements listed.

Yes I think Amazon is flagging the product as a book because it has an ISBN number. I have contacted Seller Support numerous times and they keep saying they have resolved the issue and that I can now advertise. But I still get the same ‘ineligible’ message when I go to set up a campaign. The seller support telephone service is not working so I can’t speak to them, I can only send messages.

There are many sellers of very similar products in the same category as me (Office Products) that are all advertising. I’m really stuck

That’s correct, because Books are not eligible for Sponsored Products.