Important: Updates to Restricted Products (Currency, Coins, and Cash Equivalents)

Announcement reposted from Amazon Japan:

Please be informed that updates will be made to Currency, Coins, and Cash Equivalents in Restricted Products help page as shown below effective June 12, 2024.

Currency, Coins, and Cash Equivalents

The following products will be changed or added to the prohibited products as follows:

  • Deleted “Examples of Permitted Listings” section
  • Revised in “Examples of Prohibited Listings” section as follows:
  • Items considered legal tender such as paper money, coins, and commemorative coins

Note: Including paper money and coins that are not currently issued by the government but can be still used as valid legal tender or are under the risk of money laundering or inappropriate transactions concerned by Amazon.

  • Products which we have concerns about money laundering or inappropriate transactions such as gift certificates, gift cards, gift codes, POSA cards, and other cash vouchers (except for gift cards pre-approved by Amazon).
  • Cash equivalent instruments such as money orders, postal orders, stamps, traveler’s checks
  • Counterfeit items of paper money, coins, commemorative coins, money orders, bonds, stocks, and any cash equivalents
  • Equipment designed to create counterfeit items
  • Bitcoins and other crypt currency
  • Stocks, bonds and any other securities
  • Gold, silver, and platinum bullions (including crude metal)