Important notice about changes to FBA Low-Inventory-Level fee from June 2024

Announcement reposted from Amazon Japan:

As announced on April 18, 2024 (subject Update: Transition period for FBA Low-Inventory-Level fee), May was a transition period for low-Inventory-level fee, where we charged the FBA low-inventory-level fees between May 1 and May 31 if your products historical days of supply was less than 14 days. But after the end of the month, we will credit your account for all low-inventory-level fees charged during this period. You can expect to see this credit by June 30. The transition period ended on May 31, and starting June 1, the fee will be charged without a credit back.

We are also making additional changes to ensure that the low-inventory-level fees are applied only to inventory units where you have the most control to ensure healthy inventory:

  1. Because of the greater unpredictability in managing inventory levels for seasonal, end-of-life, and other low-volume products with varying demand, starting June 10, 2024, the low-inventory-level fee will not apply to products that have sold less than 20 units in the past 7 days.

  2. Low-inventory-level fees incurred due to excessive inbounding and processing times caused by Amazon or Amazon-managed services will be credited back to you by the 15th day of the following month. For example, June charges with excessive inbound delays caused by Amazon or Amazon-managed services will be credited back by July 15.

  3. Prime Day is an important sales driver for your business that is coming up soon, and we want to ensure that you are set up for success. For Prime Day 2024, we’ll provide a time-bound exception on low-inventory-level fees for products that are included in Prime-exclusive Lightning Deals and Best Deals. The fee exception will apply for the four weeks following Prime Day when inventory levels may be more unpredictable based on Prime Day sales.

You can use FBA Inventory to track your inventory health and identify products at risk of incurring low-inventory-level fees. Additionally, to estimate the low-inventory-level fee for affected products, go to FBA Revenue Calculator. To review historical charges for each product, go to SKU Economics report. For more information on the FBA low-inventory-level fee and what qualifies, go to Low-inventory-level fee.