Image colours on Amazon not the same as on desktop

Hey all,
Why are my images looking much duller/desaturated on amazon than when I save them? I am using RGB colour when I make the files so that’s not it… I’ve tried saving as PNG and JPG and all looks fine when I upload, but on amazon the colours are really dull.
We’ve got thousands of listings, I don’t think I’ve had this issue before!
Thought I would check here before using the useless seller support in case anyone had solved this in the past.

Have you got an example of the images side by side?

Different devices will certainly show images differently, though there shouldn’t be any real reason why there is a difference. Amazon will certainly do some calibration to the image in order to reduce the file size - though it wouldn’t explain massive image differences. I can’t say I’ve ever seen an issue

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You could test a subset of your listings with slight adjustments to the image settings to see if any changes result in better color representation on Amazon