I'm new here, am I allowed to ask here about a new shocking event on ebay?

I’m new here, am I allowed to ask in this category about a new shocking event on ebay?
The removal of our feedback (most of feedback received - the most recent part and ALL of the feedback left by ourselfs to our sellers & buyers).

All those who’ve seen it are in shock and so am I, so I checked the forum (loads of links on it) and finally found this on one of the threads:

Not a glitch, apparently!

"eBay is testing changes to how feedback is displayed to users, defaulting to “most relevant” sort order instead of “most recent” and apparently removing “feedback left for others” all together.

The new design is causing confusion and concern, especially when viewed on desktop as it’s not as obvious how to change the sort or filter option like it is in the app."

What do you think? Could this be true?

Who cares, its no longer a viable platform for so many.

They have turned toxic, ebay has cut our sales to 75% of what it should be and this is normalized for economic conditions.

Every thing they are doing is to share the wealth with others that don’t produce and crippling sellers that brought buyers to the platform. Top sellers are being punished for being successful. I am one of them.

It does not surprise me at all that they are doing that.


It’s irrelevant.

I’ve been selling on eBay since 1997. I really didn’t like the fact that users could see what I said about others and/or knowing that use a “cheat-sheet.”


Are they attacking your company too?

Well, apparently it was just a glitch after all, and seems to be getting back to normal.
So I think I’ll delete this thread tomorrow, if confirmed.

No. I don’t do much on their site, and haven’t for a long time.

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It’s not a glitch. They are testing out new features, which will go live and become permanent soon.

Also, I believe that they will be discontinuing the “Feedback left for others” field over data protection and privacy concerns.

PS. you don’t need to delete your thread since it’s helpful