I'm attempting to get ungated with a brand

I’ve been looking for wholesaler and distributors to no avail. Last night, I thought I would search for the brand and see if I could buy directly from them. Surprisingly, I could and did buy 10 units directly from them. The only hiccup is, the invoice. I don’t have anything I can print, per se, just an email with the transaction details (unit count is included). Another requirement, not on the emailed receipt/invoice, is the brands address. Is there anything wrong with me adding the address myself?

Aside from missing the address, there’s the whole it’s not actually an invoice thing. It’s a little frustrating as my units are coming directly from the brand.

Fast way to get your account shut down is altering a document sent to Amazon

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Do not change the document in any way. Submit as is.

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Submit your documents as they are. No need to change

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After the order has been completed (fulfilled and shipped), you should be able to get a “final invoice”. An email confirmation or acknowledgement of your order is not an invoice.

To be accepted by Amazon for ungating, the invoice must be a paid completed invoice, not a quote or an order confirmation, and you may also be asked for proof that the items were received/delivered, through a tracking number record showing the date the package was delivered.


I read your post again. Did you place the order as a wholesale customer, or did you just order from their website as a retail customer?

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I placed the order as a retail customer. I don’t think a wholesale account cab be set up with them directly.

I’ll follow up with them and ask if they can provide an invoice. In the MANY videos I’ve watched, one person successfully ungated by purchasing directly from a brand’s website, as a retail customer. I thought I would give it a try with this brand.