If a product has not sold for 30 days, whats your next 3 moves?

If a product has not sold for 30 days, whats your next 3 moves?

Hey! If a product hasn’t sold for 30 days, I would first analyze the product listing to see if there are any issues or improvements that can be made to the title, description, images, or pricing. Then, I would consider running a promotion or sale to try to boost sales. If the product still isn’t selling, I might consider discontinuing it or lowering the price to liquidate inventory.


Hello @Stan,

well, everything depends on your business model. By the way of example, I have thousands of items in my inventory and many of them never received a single sale on Amazon, but are selling quickly on other channels.

If the product is from the category that has an expiration date, then obviously you should aim to sell it quickly.

If it is a toy / jewelry or something you sourced wholesale, then you can leave it to sell at some point.

In case the item is FBA, then obviously it will attract storage fees, so it would be a good idea to drop the price or advertise.

Especially if the product is a private label or FBA, try optimizing the listing, dropping price or advertising.

I hope this helps. Please feel free to post here whenever you need help.


What you do in real life buissness you give discount do that and wait, bring your price back again and wait see its Saling or not if not then sale those product as soon as possible at lose too then move to next product