I need an itemised list of products that have sold as a result of advertising

Hi all,

Banging my head against a brick wall with Amazon support on this.

I am running a test ad campaign for one of my products. Its been about a week and I have made some sales and can see my ad spend. So I obviously now need to work out whether that has been worthwhile.

To do this I need a list of all proucts that have sold, and this is where I, and apparently Amazon support, are struggling. Its not just the advertisied product that has been getting bought, people have been browsing around my other products.

With a full list of products sold through this campaign I can calculate manufacturing costs, minus FBA fees, minus ad spend and see what I am left with. To see if any of this is worthwhile.

Its just this elusive list of products bought via an ad that is exasperating me. No reports seem to offer it

Many thanks in advance

Would ACOS not be a good enough indicator for you , to see whether your advertising spend is worthwhile or costing more than you want .

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