I have some newbie questions

I am in the UK, I have my own product/brand. I have the brand name protected under my name, registered business etc and would like to sell them on amazon. Now i never done this before… i know i need to have “barcodes for items” but how do i do so?

I bought GS1 codes but dont even know how do i use them. Also how could i get cheap product photos?

Anyone with any tips or websites they used for tips or links to videos i could watch for tips would be really much appreciated!!!

To use GS1 barcodes, assign them to your products through GS1’s online portal. For product photos, consider DIY or hire a local photographer. Explore Fiverr or Upwork for affordable options. Watch YouTube tutorials for photography tips.

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You have to list your products on Amazon using those UPCs that you bought from GS1 with all necessary details like product title, bullet points, product description and EBC. Then you will send inventory if you are planning to do FBA and ultimately advertise them.

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