I forgot to label each product

Did anyone experience something similar? Were you able to have your products activated?

Are you 100% positive that email actually came directly from amazon. Reads like a phishing scam trying to get you to click or give up your credentials to log in.

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Its a response to my Support case. I contacted them after getting a warning alert about missing product barcodes.

Some of my items supplier forgot to label with FNSKU barcodes and there is no UPC.

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What I need is to know if Amazon will label the products for me as they say. Maybe someone experienced this before?

I never had that problem, because we prepped and labeled all of inventory ourselves. But, there are really only two options:

  1. They could put your shipment aside and perform “unplanned services.” The service fees are sort of a “penalty” against sellers who don’t comply with FBA’s shipping and routing requirements and packaging and prep requirements. It will also delay getting your items to the marketplace.


  1. They could reject your entire shipment.

The response from Seller Support is correct. You will be charged an extra fee but Amazon will not reject your shipment.

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Have you provided the labels to supplier to stick them on products?

Sometimes it happens that suppliers do not properly stick the item labels on packaging of the products

What is your products packaging type ? Is it a fabric bag or something like that?