How to manage my ads after filtering some exact keywords

hi guys

anyone confused and don’t know what to do after running a compaign for a while?

i ran an ad compaign for about 6 months, and check it everyday, sometimes add some keywords which may board,phrase, exact match, sometimes, i will increase my bid for words. and then i will pause some words without any impression, any click, any sales every single month.
untill last month, i only keep the most exact, with sales keywords in my ads (base on the lifetime), and of cause, i make a bid keep my ads always rank on page 1,

but here my question is:

A: what should i do with these keywords which i keep, the only thing i can do is adjust the bids everyday?
B: before this keywords left, i’ve add any related keywords to my ad, i just pause them because they do not benefit my ads. then what should i do with my ad compaign now?
C: if i only adjust my bids on this campaign, what should i do at the beginning of the month?

i really hope someone discuss this issue with me, or share his/her experience,

thank you

A: When it comes to the keywords you have kept in your ads, continuously adjusting bids can indeed be a good strategy. However, it’s also important to regularly review the performance of these keywords. Keep an eye on their click-through rates (CTR), conversion rates, and overall return on investment (ROI). If you notice that certain keywords are consistently performing well, you can consider increasing their bids further to maintain a prominent position. On the other hand, if some keywords aren’t generating results, you may want to lower their bids or even pause them altogether.

B: Regarding the related keywords that you added but later paused because they didn’t benefit your ads, it’s essential to periodically reassess their potential value. While they may not have been useful at the time, market trends and consumer behavior can change. You can revisit these paused keywords and monitor any changes in their relevance or performance. If you observe a shift that indicates they could now be beneficial, you can consider reactivating them and testing their impact on your campaign.

C: At the beginning of each month, it’s an opportune time to evaluate and fine-tune your ad campaign. Start by reviewing the performance metrics from the previous month. Analyze which keywords and ads generated the most impressions, clicks, and conversions. Identify any trends or patterns that emerged. Based on this analysis, you can make adjustments to your bid strategy, refine your keyword selection, and optimize your ad copy if necessary. Remember to set clear objectives for the month ahead and align your campaign optimizations with those goals.