How to advertise on Amazon


I have written a book that I sell on Amazon. This is the only thing I sell.
Sales have slowed down, so I want advertise to boost the sales.

I looks like I need a professional account, so I pay the monthly subscription, to have a profession account.
Then I need to set up a campaign through the campaign manager to advertise, with time, costs etc. and what you want to sell.
I set this up,
My book is ineligible for this…
this, apparently, is because the product needs a BuyBox.
I try to set this up, but new books are not eligible for a Buybox.

This is all becoming very long winded and expensive.

Is there a way to get a buybox so I can continue my quest (as this is what it feels like)
or is there an easier to advertise on amazon.
It is just 1 book, and I wrote it my self, so no-one else can sell it.


By the sound of it no, you cannot get the buy box.
You can advertise by all the other methods except the amazon sponsored ads one.

Social media, adverts, leaflets, websites, word of mouth etc

Oh and every single person who buys your book can sell it. They do not need your permission to do so and will use the same amazon page.