How long does it typically take to hit 10 orders/day, 20, 50, etc?

Just launched my Amazon store about a month ago…

Currently using Amazon marketing which is working well (I think). Averaging about 2-3 orders/day and it’s slowly climbing.



Hi I can help u

Yeah am working on PL LAUNCHING Currently getting -40-45 order per day

  • you’ll have to optimize listings

-Get some reviews

-Make proper research and Refine your ppc strategy

  • uplaod video,a+ content for higher conversion

-Negate irrelevant kws once your Ppc ads Optimized

Let’me know if you needed any assistance with Amazon FBA Ppc Ranking

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You need to find keywords with high search volume and low CPR (run campaigns manual keyword targeting) which will help you in ranking on 1st page.

Once you rank organically+sponsor ads on 1st page, your visibility will increase and you’ll get sales according to your competitors monthly sales.

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Your account may take some time to demonstrate significant improvements, but here’s a strategy to consider. First, enhance your listing with EBC and high-quality 3D infographic listing pictures. prioritize gathering reviews, as these play a crucial role.

When it comes to PPC campaigns, consider targeting all match types for a comprehensive approach.

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These are good orders in the beginning because your store will not be rated yet so you can take more orders.
You can get more orders by optimizing your PPC

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