How do you pack new products with a tiny barcode?

We’re planning to poly bag it but not sure what would be the best way to cover the barcode. Throwing a piece of empty label on it seems unprofessional.

Or maybe it’s not at all?

This is a non-book, to be re-sold new item.

how about sticking a label with product name, origin, etc.

You could use your FNSKU sticker (a.k.a. Amazon barcode) to cover it. Or, you can do something like this.


I have shipped a lot of items like that, I just polybag and put a label on the side. I don’t bother trying to cover the barcode if it’s not in a place I can cover with the sticker without it being all messed up

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If the item needs to be bagged, then just stick the label on the outside of the bag.

If the item doesn’t particularly need to be bagged, then I’d just put a blank label over that and put the FNSKU on the side if there is room to do so.

If it’s too small on all sides for an FNSKU label then bag it.

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Stick the fnku label on a different area of the product