How are y’all doing the white background pictures of your items?

What apps are you using?


Go into Apple store and search for “photo background removal”.

Unfortunately, I am not skilled with Photoshop. I need something simple that works within seconds and can process a large amount of pictures.

Any specific apps that are free?

This is all you need.

We threw everything else away.

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For main pictures, “Product Photo Studio” on the Amazon Seller app works better than the others. Quick and easy but you need to take the pictures with a white background so it can be adjusted to Anazon standard

You mean like Canva? Need to do Canva on a computer but that’s what everyone uses for biz and e comm ads/ posts/ mock ups etc

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Photoroom, canva…

Canva does have an app as well

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Canva 100%

P.S. I forgot to mention…

Fotor employs advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to detect blemishes and scratches in your images, fixing them in seconds, and even colorizing the black-and-white photos. Plus, this powerful AI image editing tool can fix blurred faces, and enhance clarity and quality in an instant.

I have a lot of old, small images, with dark backgrounds. Some have been blow up by others, and are blurry. Fotor fixes all that and produces crystal clear images, on white backgrounds. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. And it’s super fast.

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Create realistic images for your product listing instead of using editing software. Please utilize mockups or use Photoshop for a super white background. This way, your audience will also increase when they see clear images of your products.