Hit by the capacity limit for the first time

Any advise from the experts how you handle it?

Ship multiple skus in every shipment?

Earlier, I have sent only one sku per shipment. Now I only have less than 6 skus active.

I send as many skus I can at the same time but as few units as possible while staying in stock and not overstocked. You can mix skus in the same box.


Did you hit the storage limit for standard size?

If yes then i would open a case and ask for an increase in storage.

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Never had this issue yet. However, I would ask Amazon to increase the storage limit by opening a case. I think this is the only way to deal with the problem.

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Yes for the standard and I don’t understand how all the big sellers can manage it with the same limits or you have all asked for more?

I asked Amazon now.


Amazon is giving storage space depending on the level of the seller and is changing every year.

Just open a case and see what they say.

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You can request a capacity limit increase. From my experience, they will approve it within a few hours.

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