Have your guys account ever been deactivated?

If so how many appeals and time did it take for you to re activate?

Vary depending on the specific circumstances and how well you address the issues raised by Amazon. When it happens, you need to provide all necessary information and documentation as clearly as possible during the appeals process to increase your chances of a swift resolution.

If you need any assistance feel free to catch me anytime. Thanks

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It depends on the reason for deactivation. If it’s due to a details verification issue, then the account will be reinstated within a few days after the submission of the required documents. If the account is deactivated due to product inauthenticity, it will not be reinstated until you provide the authentication letter. However, if your account is deactivated due to dropshipping, it will not be reinstated.

It can take a few appeals and a few days or weeks to get it reactivated. It’s important to follow Amazon’s guidelines and provide any necessary information during the appeal process.