Hat is mean and why i recieved

hi guys, so today I received this mail from amazon. I don,t know what is mean and why this is happening

When you ship your products to customers do you provide a tracking number?

Also, did you use some launching service? Amazon is saying you’ve got too many orders too quickly.


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Regarding your question:

Account reviews are normal when you are experiencing a sudden increase in selling volume.

Most of them allow you to continue selling while your performance is being reviewed, however if your account was suspended and you would like to get reinstated and lift the review, you can appeal by providing Amazon this:

- How long you’ve been in business

- The sources of your inventory

- Anticipated monthly sales on Amazon

- The availability of items for shipping

- The address of any retail locations

- Links to other Amazon websites where you are actively selling

- Tracking information for recently dispatched orders

- Your tax number

I got suspended for the exact same thing last year and as I didn’t want to wait, I simply e-mailed Jeff with all the requested information, said that I don’t wish to be contacting buyers to leave me feedbacks and asked to be allowed to continue selling.

I eventually got reinstated on the same day.

So feel free to contact Jeff. You have done nothing wrong, this type of a suspension relates to breach of hidden account velocity selling limits and require Amazon to review your entire account to give you a permission to have them increased.

Here you can learn more:


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