Happy Sunday to everyone! Back with another question

How many of you use or have used a virtual assistant when starting out?

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I use a VA’s services for managing PPC. I started on my own almost 5 years ago! Did everything myself, but I must admit it was much easier back then (less competition and no abundance of knowledge). I felt the need of hiring a professional VA almost an year ago, he’s my first and only VA to date.

P.S : be careful who you trust with your hard-earned money when hiring someone if you are thinking about it.

I asked a friend who’s also a seller for recommendations when I was looking for a VA.


There are two scenarios for hiring FBA Virtual Assistant:

  1. Some people have complete knowledge to build the own business on Amazon and they are expert. But for the time management and increase the workflow they hired FBA Virtual Assistant.

  2. Some people have investment but no knowledge how to start? What are the business models? How to succeed? All those questions… so they switched to VAs to fullfil there need.

I will recommend specifically for scenario 2 before hiring someone for any business model check if that FBA VA is already successed, have strong profile of past work, experience etc

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