Guidance needed regarding inclusion of gifts with product

Hi all,

We’re planning on including some bonus accessories inside the product we are selling. We’re not going to post photos of them in the listing but want to let the consumer know that there are bonus items included. Is it okay to have a bullet that says “bonus” and list out a general description of what’s being included? How do you all handle bonuses?


Yes, it’s okay to have a bullet point in your Amazon product listing that says “bonus” and briefly describe the included items. Just make sure the description is clear and enticing to potential buyers.


No, I don’t think this is permissible on Amazon. Either create a bundle or deliver exactly what corresponds with the EAN / UPC code of the product.


It will be better if you avoid it,If you want to add a bonus, you must provide a picture, otherwise the customer will not understand the difference between your product and your competitor’s product. Mostly customer just see pictures if they will be scroll any product, It will be better if you give discounts coupon etc, More importantly, the reviews on your product should be good.


Yes’ its good to add your targeted value addition in description and bullet points .It will differentiate your product from your competitors and bring good sales.