Grocery expiry dates

I’m trying to add my first grocery item to a shipping plan and get the error message saying the expiration date has to be 105 days from today. The expiration date inked on the item (not a removable label) is about 100 days out. Is there any leeway here? any way to circumvent? what’s the punishment if accidentally choose the wrong date in the shipping plan?

Amazon do not check dates on anything. They only go by the date you put in on your shipping plan.


I kinda of suspected that is going on, we have never sold stuff with an expiration date. Thank you for sharing that, it explains why dated stuff is stale.


Accidentally choose? Come on now…

First you’d be lying about it, and there is no leeway here? Some might get away with it, But, I can tell you from experience the Fulfillment centers know the expiration dates on the grocery items.

I sell toys, so I thought to add some huge graduation lollypops. So, coming up on the “meltable” season they told me to remove them. That they had to survive in temperatures of 100 degrees.

I got a letter from the manufacturer that stated they were rated to withstand warehouses up to 100 degrees in the summer. According to the Fulfillment center, it was not more than 100 degrees. When I went to remove them, they had already disposed of them. :O(

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This item has a 100 day expiry date and its normally sold online and in stores like this. Somehow, Amazon calculated the shipment arrival dates wrong and I had to create a new shipment.

@Carol. They will check them carefully upon receipt.

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