Good performance and click ,but less orders

My daily budget is 70 Pounds, but just got 3-7 orders everyday, average amoument is 16 pounds per order.
What should i do ,as you know i opened store for 4 months .

It sounds like you are spending too much money on advertising, without reflecting these additional expenses in your product’s prices.

You should always set them to ensure they cover the initial purchase price, any applicable Amazon fees, taxes, advertising as well as the shipping and packaging expenses or labour cost so you don’t end up at a loss.

In your current situation, I am afraid you are not managing your expenses effectively.

If you would like some feedback about your listings and tips how to improve them, I would suggest you to post here some example ASINs.

kika thanks.
To be honest, i actually need some help.
There are more than 10 different products in my store.
In the summer i sold sun umbrella and the sales better and better in hot day .
But i have no much experience on Amazon , at the start of Aug the sales of sun umbrella went to pot, i think the weather was not so hot ,the capacity of this products is more and more smaller with time went on.It’s Asin is B07PZSFPX4 , and there are some other other in the same style .

For hangers (coat hangers and trouser hangers) , thouht i set a higher bidding ,but the ranking is not good, i do not know the reason ,and otherwise i can not afford a overbid ,the bidding is around 0.79-1.29 Pounds .Daily budget is 5 pounds, and the orders don’t come every day. Asin B07PY1W3Z5 ,B07PX9MF8G .

That’s part of my problems, i am really want some one to give me some idea to break jam .

Many thanks

I have checked your listing and I couldn’t find anything wrong with it. But I am afraid the competition in this product category can make it difficult for you to get a sufficient amount of sales.

Hi kika please check asin B076YMCL9K

This one is in a violation of the Product Image Guidelines, as the background isn’t pure white and there are additional logos and graphics included:

So does it reduce visibility in search?
Having main image as white background doesnt work for rugs as they look very urgly i have seen some top sellers in rugs and they dont have white background for main image but some nice beautiful designs
For example asin B07QZH4BMM
About logos and graphics yes they must be removed
If i change pics now will sales rank go further down its now around 68

I am sorry but on Amazon, you are required to comply with the policies which clearly state that the background of main product image needs to be pure white.

Otherwise, don’t be surprised that you are experiencing a drop in sales.

Hello Kika,

Thanks for your help .

Actually i marked some products’ prices by 10%,but it there was no increasing on sales.
If i marked the price by 20% or more, i have to lose money .
In short, It clicked and nobody bought it .

Thanks for your time .

You don’t necessarily have to increase the prices, the money could be saved by spending less on advertising, as it clearly isn’t effective and you are ending up at a loss.