Getting error code 8572 when trying to post


I am getting an error 8572 when creating listings. It says my upc isn’t correct. I got the upc from Barcode mania


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Hello @Michael,

thank you for posting into our forum. I am afraid you will need to start purchasing your barcodes directly from GS1 and also, it is very likely that Amazon will at some point in the future suspend your existing listings with product identifiers which validity cannot be verified.

According to the Amazon help page:

”The validity of a Product ID is checked against the GS1 GEPIR and databases. If your Product ID is not registered with GS1, then the linked ASIN will be suppressed and it may result in removal of your product creation privileges.”

Here you can learn more:


You shouldn’t have bought UPC from there, you should have bought it from GS1

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I think you have to get them from GS1. I think that’s the requirement of Amazon

You can see if our free guide can help at all. I can also ask my expert listing manager about this code.


We use this site and recommend it to our customers with our listing service. We haven’t had an issues so far, and our VA has been recommending them for a while.