For all PL sellers, how long did it take for your store to make significant number of sales?

Did you do anything special to drive traffic, motivate customers to buy? I know it’s a loaded question but I’m just running out of stamina. I’ve made only 2 sales in the last two weeks with $10 ads/day which leaves me no profit at all - There’s lots of impressions, some clicks = 2 sales!

Any advise will be greatly appreciated!

Make sure you are doing effective PPC

Drive traffic through social media.

If you are getting impressions and enough clicks with good ctr focus on product detail page images bullet points and pricing.

Target highly relevant keywords with high search volume.


My advise to you would be to take a long walk alone.

Take your calculator and some paper if that helps.

Let common sense guide your decisions, you MUST learn to exist in a ZERO TRUST world. That means trust know one other than those in your inner most circle (spouse, kids, pets).

All the grandiose stories about selling online are history, yes in the late 90’s till early 2000’s it was exceptionally good.

Now days, you are dealing with online market places that are toxic. Its best to evaluate every aspect of how the product is sold and how you are being funneled and mislead into a path that is forcing you into going broke. All the while the online market places are getting rich. Look into the salaries of the C suite and you will see who is really befitting from the relationship, its NOT you or I.


Take some time to dig into keyword research and optimization. Toss those relevant keywords into your product titles, bullet points, and backend search terms. Doing this can really amp up your visibility in Amazon’s search results.

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