FNSKU labels

I am having my own unique product created to sell on Amazon. I understand I need to affix the FNSKU to the packaging before it arrives at the warehouse in order to save the $.30. However, I plan to sell my product in places other than Amazon. I’m not sure what to do since I was planning on having my barcodes printed right on the packaging. Any advice on how to handle this?

A. If I print the FNSKU right on the packaging, it wont make sense for the other marketplaces.

B. If I print the UPC, I’ll have to pay an extra $.30 per unit on Amazon.

C. If I have two separate boxes printed with each set of bar codes, that will be way higher printing costs and then I would have two different sets of inventory to manage.

How do others handle this?

Any help would be appreciated

There’s really only 3 choices, IMO:

  1. if the items are going direct from the manufacturer to Amazon, get your supplier to overlabel them
  2. If they are going to your own or a 3rd party facility, arrange to overlabel the items before they go to Amazon
  3. pay Amazon

Print the FNSKU barcodes on all products. It won’t do any harm if they are on products intended for other marketplaces. Alternatively, reserve a small portion of inventory for other sites, where there won’t be any barcodes. Or you can manage the inventory pools separately. It’s your decision. Printing expenses aren’t high, it’s just a few pennies. If you can’t afford it, maybe it isn’t the best product.

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Get a GS1 barcode from either US or UK they are the cheapest. They are universal world wide no matter where you sell so you can then print on your packaging.

I have sold on Amazon for 6 years and never used FNSKU stickers

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thank you for your answer! You’re saying I can print the UPC barcode on the packaging and I don’t even need a FNSKU? that would be optimal if that is true.

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When creating your listing, you use the UPC as the identifier.

This is very common. Google for more info you can then sell the product on any site retail etc world wide with the same packaging.


You’re not thinking about this correctly. If you own the UPC prefix and barcode, and it’s your item, you don’t need the FNSKU. Amazon can use your UPC code to scan. You don’t need the FNSKU at all in this case.