Finding new products

Good afternoon,
Just curious what made you decide on ur first product what key factors made you confident in your decision? Was it a success?
I’ve been product searching 2 months 😏

You will not find much. Only stuff that is profitable to sell is manufactured by your self with your own raw stock and machinery. Typical goods that are profitable are typically stolen, stale and passed off as fresh, fake along with a pretty long list of nefarious sourcing methods.

What you do find that is legal to source and sell has so much price pressure from the APAC region sellers its not worth the time.

If you really are serious, I feel you might be since you have been looking for 2 months. Going out on your own is the best method. The online marketplaces are not your friend at all…

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To be honest, I am trying to pick up some trends on Tiktok or Aliexpress so I can launch my private label brand. But there are already too many existing listings with 5 star reviews.

When trying to resell existing brands, they either don’t want Amazon resellers or the listings are crowded with other sellers.


You can make it selling online if you DON’T do like nearly all the others and have a “brand” placed on a bottle.

Don’t worry if the first and second attempts fail, most do. Most importantly will be how much you learned from that. Take that knowledge and leverage the “next” one.

Also, harvest data from amazon and use that to your advantage. Remember refine and focus, don’t listen to all the “experts”. Do your own research and if you don’t understand what you are looking at go buy a few college level texts. Old and used from 20 years ago are cheap and still relevant. I can state with 100% confidence that if you crack the book you will have the advantage over others.


Hello @vboy,

I started with a line of products I was most familiar with. Eventually, I found a “niche.” Put me into a 6-digit income, and ranked among the top 10% of Amazon sellers.

Looking for something is like “looking for a needle in a haystack.” Start with something you know, or want to learn about.

Best wishes…


Our first product was a risky one we thought it was good. We bought 300 units on credit which was a big mistake. Thankfully we had the funds to pay the credit card. Though our second product we did good research using Keepa and Seller amp and we managed to sale out in a day. So its just a matter of being confident and do not be afraid to take the risk. If you do proper research you can make it happen. We do Online Arbitrage.


I started with a PL. My son is autistic and loves animals, so i created an animal themed baby clothes brand as a symbol of my love for him.


I just started with retail arbitrage I found some 12 pack of glue sticks for $2 and they sell for $16 I bought 83 intial investment around $175-185 with fba ship costs.

it’s been two weeks and I only have 34 units left I’ve sold $667 worth and have like $300 cash available and some in the reserve they keep for 2 weeks.


Thank you everyone for the tips :slight_smile: