Few impressions on EU manual campaigns


I have been running automatic sponsored campaigns for some of my listings in the EU. A few keywords have converted well on auto campaigns so I have moved those keywords to a manual campaign with a higher budget.

The problem is that once I start targeting keywords in the manual campaign I am getting far less impressions than on the auto campaign, even though I have a larger keyword bid budget for the manual.

Has anyone else came across this?

Are those some of the same keywords in your auto campaign or ate they totally different keywords .


Yes, it is not uncommon for manual campaigns to receive fewer impressions compared to automatic campaigns, even with a higher keyword bid budget. There could be several reasons for this discrepancy:

  1. Ad targeting: In an automatic campaign, Amazon’s algorithm targets a broader range of relevant keywords and search terms automatically. In a manual campaign, you need to manually select and target specific keywords. This narrower targeting can result in fewer impressions compared to the broader reach of an automatic campaign.
  2. Keyword relevance: The keywords you selected for your manual campaign may not be as relevant or widely searched as the keywords targeted by the automatic campaign. This can lead to lower impression volumes, as your ads may not match as many search queries.
  3. Ad rank: Ad rank is determined by factors such as keyword bid, ad quality, and relevance. Even with a higher keyword bid budget, if your ad quality and relevance score are lower in the manual campaign compared to the automatic campaign, your ads may receive lower ad rank and, consequently, fewer impressions.

To address this issue, you can consider the following steps:

  1. Keyword research: Expand your keyword list and include more relevant and high-volume keywords in your manual campaign to increase the chances of impressions.
  2. Ad optimization: Ensure that your ad copy, product images, and landing page are well-optimized for the keywords you’re targeting. A higher-quality ad can improve your ad rank and increase impressions.
  3. Experiment with bidding: Adjust your keyword bid strategy in the manual campaign to find the right balance between competitiveness and budget. Sometimes, a lower bid with highly relevant keywords can result in better impressions and conversions.
  4. Campaign structure: Consider organizing your manual campaign into different ad groups, each targeting specific keyword themes or product categories. This allows you to fine-tune your bids and ad content for better performance.

Overall, optimizing your manual campaign by refining keyword selection, improving ad quality, and experimenting with bidding strategies should help you increase impressions and achieve better results.