FBA sales pending after a week


i started FBA recently, I have been having about 10 orders coming in, and it’s been over a week for some orders that are pending. It keeps draining my inventory but did not shipped. Not sure why, did anyone noticed that recently?

On the other hand, i’ve sent 2 different shipments on August 4, and they are still in “receiving” status. It’s been super frustrating, since i have been using PPC to drive sales, and now those sales are pending.

I have 10 of these awaiting payment verification, it’s been over a week already.

FBA orders can be pending for weeks and Amazon tries three times a day to take payment from the buyer. If you are concerned about the status of your shipment, you can check the status of your shipment by going to the “Manage FBA Shipments” page on your Amazon Seller Central account.


Hello. Thanks. I have been checking manage FBA shipments, Amazon shows it has no problem to resolve.

It is currently showing this… i kinda doubt it, i feel like they lost them because they have not shipped out to customers…

As for orders, it’s been like that since last week, all orders were pending. They are holding up my inventory too…

Its because amazon didn’t confirm the payment from your customers. It happens sometimes.


When someone orders it does hold up your inventory. Imagine Amazon ships to someone else and then the payment goes through and there is no stock to send. Then they have to refund the customer back. While it is frustrating for sellers it does happen a lot. Amazon can’t ship your product until they have received the payment, if they did and the payment doesn’t go through then you would be annoyed that you didn’t get paid but the order was shipped.

For me, Normally what happens after a week if the payment doesn’t go through after 7 days, the order is cancelled and the item is added back to inventory. Again frustrating but it happens.

With regards to Amazon receiving your inventory I can take two weeks until a month or more, depending on the season and which FC they have been shipped/transferred too.

Just because it hasn’t closed doesn’t mean it’s not available to be ordered. If they say Wednesday it will close then it mostly does close that day, unless there is a delay that they will then change the date. Inventory can still be available while waiting for it to close


Thanks for reassuring @PC_Parts I understand, but for some reason, all orders was the same issue since last Week. No payment were verified. I did PPC, so I spend to get those sales, and now the payment didn’t verified I suspect fraud or something… I rather the customer cancel the order…