FBA receiving issue


I need help with items that were sent to Amazon FBA and their receiving process. I sent items to Amazon FBA, and the shipment was received with the items. Subsequently, the items were transferred to an FBA center; there were six items sent to another FBA center, which seemed fine. However, the shipment was closed with a discrepancy of six items.

I opened a new support case and initiated a discussion about this matter. I provided all the necessary information, along with pictures and photos. Unfortunately, their response consisted of automated emails stating, “We have no record of receiving the following items…” It appears they haven’t read my messages, nor have they reviewed the attachments containing the photos.

I’m frustrated with the situation. I’m in need of assistance. Greetings.

I am sorry to hear that, maybe @FunkyMonkey will be able to help as the forum’s FBA expert.

If there are any differences between what you have sent in the shipment and what is received you have the option to Reconcile your shipment. This will open a formal investigation into the missing units.

There is usually a delay from the time your shipment closes until you can submit your Reconcile request.

The Article Reconcile your shipment discusses the process, and allows you to Enter Shipment ID to check if your shipment is eligible for investigation.

Selling Partner Support does not have further guidance.

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