FBA Product Measurement Requests - In Inches & Pounds


We have discovered an annoying issue when requesting re-measurement of FBA stock (to verify / amend FBA shipping charges etc.)

We enter all of our product dimensions and weights using metric values (Centimetres and Grams) but when we request a re-measurement, we are required to state our expected measurements in Inches and Pounds.

FBA Re-measurement services then send us an email showing the re-measured values in Centimetres and Grams.

Is it possible to change the Re-Measurement request from to accept metric values instead of Imperial?

Maybe there is a parameter to control the choice that I haven’t found yet.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hello @The_Little_Junkie

Amazon’s guidelines for determining the size and weight of your products are specified in inches and pounds. There is no other option.

Product dimensions and volume

It might be easier for you to follow the guidelines, or convert the measurements, than it would be to get Amazon to make changes.


So annoying, I was hoping there would be a workaround. But thank you for the response anyway.

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You’re welcome, and best wishes.

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