FBA fee glitch

Hi all,

I keep getting a glitch on my front inventory page where the estimate fee stops showing the full amount (e.g. £4.99 including £2.95 FBA fee) and I keep getting this error where both figures are the same.
I contact Amazon, complain, they can’t find the issue, or the keep responding with unrelated topics which is so frustrating then suddenly it’s back to normal!
Then a few weeks later this happens again!
It’s been a year and this is the 6th time and I’m So fed up!
Today they come back to say I have no proof that it should look differently !

Someone please do me a favour and screen shot this section of your column so that I can send it to them!

You should go to the payments tab, and then to transaction view. Where you can see the transaction of each unit you sold of this item. Check how much amount Amazon charges you for a single order. If the deducted fee is only the FBA fee which showing, it means it is a discount from Amazon which they usually give to a few sellers on FBA or referral fee, it is not a glitch. But in a period when it shows up like this and, Amazon is charging you both FBA and referral fees. It means that it is a glitch. Provide them screenshots of both pages with time stamps at the back.

Good luck.