FBA books received but not available for sale

I need help. I’m trying to resell books with FBA. I sent the books, received confirmation they were received blah blah blah. But I don’t understand how to actual “list” them to actually sell. How do I do that?

How did you sent to fba … without creating shipping plan or even listing?

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what I mean is they aren’t actually available to buy. From what I can tell Amazon hasn’t listed them yet and I don’t know why

It is possible that your inventory is in Reserved status. There are three reasons your inventory could be in reserved status.

  • Customer orders: These units are used to fulfill customer orders.
  • FC transfer: These units are being transferred from one fulfillment center to another.
  • FC processing: These units have been sidelined at the fulfillment center for additional processing,

The Reserved Inventory report explains all these in detail. Plus, you can look up the status by ASIN or FNSKU.

You can look up the status of your product by ASIN or FNSKU.