Doing FBA prep at home

Can someone advise what equipment recommend for pre center for your own ws like label printer, weiginh scale or any packaging material.

Please share who are already doing this at home in USA…


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Hi @Bookworm

It’s hard to make recommendations on packaging materials without knowing what products you will be sending to FBA. We have enough variety to pack the “moon” if we sold it; We use everything from 2 mil polypropylene bags/tubing, to corrugated boxes, and everything in-between.

Printer is easy. the Dymo LabelWriter 4XL is the best thermal printer on “planet earth.” It prints everything I send to it including shipping and box la els, theater and baseball tickets. Actually, everything I send to it,

Dymo 30334 Multipurpose Labels are perfect for FNSKU stickers.

Most of our products don’t weigh very much., We have a 20 lb digital scale. We can ship a 19 x 29 x13 inch box to any USA fulfillment center for less than $8.00. For boxes that weigh more, we put on the bathroom scale.

If you want to send me a PM, we can get into specifics…