Does Product Targeting Affects Indexing on Keywords?

Hello to every one,
Most of my sales come from my product targeting campaign. When I compare my listing with my competitors, I do not rank as well as them in essential keywords, although I sell almost as much. Is this because my sales come from product targeting? Do product targeting campaigns affect indexing in keywords?

For example, someone who made a search with the keyword “a” and entered the product detail page of the brand “b” saw my listing at the bottom of the page and bought my product. in this case, do I get indexed in the “a” keyword?

I hope I was able to express myself, thanks in advance.

When a customer searches for a particular keyword and clicks on a product from a different brand, but ends up purchasing your product, it can still contribute to your sales but may not directly impact your keyword ranking for that specific search term. To improve your keyword rankings, it’s advisable to focus on optimizing your product listings, enhancing product descriptions, obtaining positive reviews, and engaging in other SEO strategies specific to the marketplace you are using.