Does product name change affect the FNSKU barcode?


If I updated the title/name of my product but the ASIN is the same, do I need to reprint the barcode and re stick it or since the ASIN is the same I don’t have to worry about it ? ( it’s a minor change in the product name )

Because my supplier already placed the FNSKU barcodes with the old product name and unless it is really needed I don’t want to make them open the boxes and restick all the barcodes…

Thank you

No. The title of your item may have changed, but the FNSKU hasn’t, so you don’t have to worry about it. Unless the title of your item is extremely short, it will be truncated anyway.

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As Funky_monkey says, if the ASIN is the same and only the product title has changed, you don’t need to reprint and restick the barcodes. The barcode will still link to the correct ASIN in Amazon’s system.

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