Does anyone know how to submit a product review for my own product?


I am not seeing the option to write a review for a listing I just created. Could someone provide me with some guidance?

Thank you.

You mean to get feedback on the listing that you created? Or you’re having issues and need Amazon to review it?

To get feedback on the listing I created

Feedback relates to the comments customers leave for you according to how they view your service. Customer product reviews relate to the customers view of your products.

You cannot leave feedback for yourself, nor can you review your own products. If you intend to have family members and/or friends write 5-reviews for you, forget it.

Amazon has a zero-tolerance policy towards any customer reviews violations. If they detect any attempts to manipulate customer reviews, they will take immediate action. They’ve been at this for a long time, and have sophisticated tools. They will catch you…

If you haven’t done so, I suggest you review Amazon’s Customer product reviews policies


I agree with @FunkyMonkey. Don’t even try to leave yourself any ratings. This includes upvotes on existing reviews.


I see, thank you for the heads up

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You’re welcome.

I wish you the best…