Does anyone know how to get around this?

Amazon have sent me an email saying there is decrepancies with my latest shipment. I shipped in 42 units but they have located 41 units. They are asking for proof of inventory but I made a rookie mistake and I don’t have the receipt as I lost it awhile back.

Any help is much appreciated

Go to content tab. From the right side. Click research, you will see on the left side the box for appeal, from there put the ASIN, the Fnsku and the discrepancy, attached the invoice. Then submit. Check the case created on the help tab.

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Can you not ask the supplier to issue another receipt for you ?

If you cant get it then just forget about that one missing unit but in this business is so important to keep record of everything, because one missing invoice can lead to a suspension.

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If it is not an expensive item I would just accept liability here as its too much effort for 1 unit. However you need that reciept. What if some-one turns round and says your product is fake?

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I am not sure. I do not care about the missing item. I bought the products in home bargains awile back with cash.

Just try to get a receipt or any evidence that you purchased those units as you never know .You can get asked for a proof of purchase for this asins, in 2028 :smiley: