Does anyone know how to apply for a branded product using my trademark?


I can see that many sellers are selling the same product with their own trademarks. I tried to apply for the product with my trademark, and the trademark was attached to the product.

However, Amazon replied to me:

“However, the brand name is ‘…’ on the product/website, which does not exactly match the brand value ‘……’ you used when attempting to create the listing.”

Can someone please help me?

Make sure your Amazon brand name matches your trademark precisely, then update your Amazon product listing to align with it. After making these adjustments, reapply with the corrected information and be prepared to provide trademark documentation if requested. If issues persist, it may be advisable to seek legal advice.

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Have you applied for Amazon brand registry?

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Yes I applied for brand registry and they let me know I cannot have my trademark on the product which someone else have under different brand. I can see on Amazon there are plenty of sellers selling the same products under their own trademark.

That’s so strange.i sell a shaver adapter under my own brand on amazon. The same item is being sold by at least 20 other sellers.have you got your own packaging and registered barcode?

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It’s playing cards, which contains our trademark from the bottom of the product and it is attached to it, it is without registered barcode (there was an option to add it without barcode)

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