Does anyone know anything how Amazon makes their decisions with the “ ship to” option when getting your inventory to a warehouse?

We originally had our destination for our units to be delivered to a specific warehouse that was really close for our shipping company and out of nowhere it changed and it jacked up the shipping prices so high we cant be profitable.

We were told by the shipping company that there are 5 specific locations that’s would be able to make the price go back to what we originally had but it can’t unless we’re allowed to ship to these specific locations…

If anyone can help I appreciate it

That’s the way the system works.

Whether you use the Distributed Inventory Placement option or the Inventory Placement Service, Amazon will determine in their sole discretion the Amazon fulfillment center to which each shipment of a product/ASIN is assigned.

You have no other choice.


It is where Amazon’s algorithmic data determines where you stock would be best placed.

It isn’t your choice.


I’ve heard we can apply for specific location approval. Do you know anything about that?


It was called the Preferred Placement Service. I had the choice of two Fulfillment centers; 1 for standard sized items, and one for oversized items. It cost twice the price of the Inventory Placement Service, and was by invitation only.

It was in beta testing, and I don’t know if they continued the program.


I’ve seen something like that, is that option to not have the inventory split up ? Because what I saw that’s what it did

No. The Preferred Placement Service allowed me to pick my own Fulfillment centers.

With the FBA Inventory Placement Service you can send all of your eligible inventory to a single receive center or fulfillment center,


As @FunkyMonkey says. My understanding is that inventory placement service does not let you choose which warehouse you are shipping to. It just lets you send all items to one place without being split up.


I use a pretty cool tool that forces shipments to the location you want based on specific ASINS that are put in the amazon plan and later deleted. It also tracks check in times by FC so you can make the better choice

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Amazing, thank you :grinning:

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You’re welcome, and best wishes.