Does anybody notice that their available inventory doesn't come close to matching what you were expecting?

Variation 1: Sent in 418 units, I’ve sold 38, and it says 331 available…

Variation 2:, sent in 400 units, sold 4, says 385 available…

There’s already so many fees, I don’t want to lose inventory too. 😒

Hi @Dennis

The number of units available will be changing constantly, because the Fulfillment center will put them in Reserved status. There are three reasons inventory can be Reserved:

  1. Customer order
  2. FC (Fulfillment center) transfer
  3. FC processing

The Reserved Inventory report explains these in detail, and allows you to check on an individual item using the ASIN or FNSKU.


It’s possible that the inventory count is not updated yet. You can try waiting for a few hours or a day and check again. If the issue persists, you can contact Amazon Seller Support for further assistance.


It can be under FC transfer or in other other processes.

You will not lose you inventory


Happens all the time

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