Different bank account for different currencies

I am seeking a little guidance on bank accounts linked to Amazon. I have 2 currency accounts.
GBP for .co.uk & EUR for .de, .fr. .es and .it
I receive GBP proceeds in my GBP account linked to .co.uk account.
But for some reason I cannot receive EUR payments from other 4 portals in my EUR account. Every payment cycle Amazon tries to make EUR payments and says they were unsuccessful and then removes my bank account from the ‘Assign a bank account’ section. I have then go and re-assign them, all the while not receiving the payment.

Both accounts belong to same bank and are based out of UK. Just their currency denominations are GBP and EUR.
Do I have to get a EUR account based out of Europe.

Anybody here seen this before? How can I link different currency accounts?
Seller Support are unable to help.

Thank you & regards

Disbursements can only be made in the local currency of the country or region where the bank account is located.

If your bank account is located in the UK, then disbursements can only be made in GBP, even if your bank account is capable of accepting deposits in both GBP and EUR currencies.


Thank you.
Ok - so that would explain why the payments are failing.

Because I have EUR account but it is based out of UK and not mainland EU.
And it only accepts EUR deposits. Amazon are essentially trying to put GBP (converted from EUR sales) into a EUR only account, thus failing.

So am I correct to understand that I can only accept EUR if the account is based out of EU
If the EUR account can also accepts GBP (as it is based out of UK).

Seller support have no idea about this!

Thanks very much

Yes, this is correct.

Thank you very much for your help!

Try Transferwise, Revolut or WorldFirst :slight_smile: