Did anyone see the news of Amazon restricting the creation of new listings starting Dec 11th?

What would this mean for new product listing and changing the existing listings for sellers?

I think it’s gonna be real headache going thru support and they gonna be asking a lot of proof.

You are right. Starting next year, selling on Amazon will be more difficult than ever.

The most important change will be that without valid GTIN identifiers you won’t be able to list. At the smae time, you won’t be able to attach offers to generic listings created by other sellers.


I wonder how much kick back amazon is getting from GS1 with this policy change or did they buy GS1 and are funneling?

It seems like they are going to loose, a guess, 10-20% of the sellers that are rebranders and generic branders. Just cannot imagine amazon shooting off their toes, must be a significant gain for them since it is an increased burden on legitimate sellers.


While I was working online, Amazon posted a message saying that I have been approved to create (any/all) listings without UPC codes?



This is called GTIN exception. I have it.

However, they will still deactivate millions of existing listings which were created in the past and are no longer compliant.

The notice states that existing listings won’t be affected. However, they will be affected. They will just get marked as “missing required attributes” and then removed since you are unable to edit them and the original listing creator is no longer selling on Amazon.


Interesting. I never applied for it.

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